A neat diagram for the curious…

This is how it all begins.


You will notice via the diagram that ova are expelled in the stool. Please know that in the developed world, it is virtually impossible to pass this type of parasitic infection on to others unless you are intentionally trying to do so. Rest assured, you can still invite me over for dinner. I won’t be shedding infection into your food like Typhoid Mary nor will I be of any danger to you or your family if I use your restroom. Don’t be afraid to touch me. I do wash my hands. Promise!

Additionally, the worms cannot multiply inside my body. I really want to stress these points. As the diagram shows, eggs are shed via stool. I live in a very modern society and do not shit on the ground so I’m not exactly a nuisance.

Hookworm was eradicated when modern plumbing was introduced in modern societies. There is much discussion on this very issue being the cause of autoimmune disorders, allergies, asthma, etc in the developed world.


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