Nearing month 6. Comparison photos and observations.

Hi everyone.

I’m six months* into this worm business and now I’m here to show you some actual results. So basically, I’m here to back my shit up with photographic evidence!

As I mentioned in my last post, my skin is roughly 99% clear. I have a few small areas on my hands that are dry and itchy. I’ll take it.

That’s the funny thing with those of us who suffer (have suffered) from skin issues. We have the physical marks to show you that we’ve healed. We can show you before and after shots without much difficulty.

I won’t keep babbling on. I’ll preach more after I post the photos.

Top left: before of chest. Top right: after of chest. Bottom left: before of hand. Bottom right: after of hand.
Top left: before of chest.
Top right: after of chest.
Bottom left: before of hand.
Bottom right: after of hand.
Top left: before, arm. Top right: after, arm. Bottom left: before, arm. Bottom right: after, arm.
Top left: before, arm.
Top right: after, arm.
Bottom left: before, arm.
Bottom right: after, arm.

And there you have it.

I just want to sort of leave you with these photos without too much celebratory hoopla.

I know some of you will still doubt these results. I know some of you will think “Well, gee. This is just a fluke.” Or, “Well, uh, maybe her skin just cleared up on its own.” Or “placebo effect…” Or any number of speculations. And I’ll say this: That’s fine. I’m so very glad that my mind is open enough to have tried this therapy. I’m so very glad that I am who I am and that I’m not afraid to be adventurous and also not afraid to go against what a doctor would advise. I’m so very glad that I decided to not sit around and stay miserably itchy and sore day after day because I was afraid of a few worms. I’m so very glad that I didn’t wait for a drug that would never come or a doctor that would never listen.

Given the choice between chronic hives and parasites, I’d take the parasites in a heartbeat.

* Please note that while my results thus far are pretty wonderful, they are not typical. My provider has reported that it is very clear that at least 50% of those who try helminthic therapy will not see results before the 6 month mark. Most will not respond until after 6 months and some could take up to 2 years to see any results. While some hosts will see a sudden change, others will not. Some will experience such gradual changes that they will not even notice benefits. Persistence is required and you must fully commit to the therapy for two years to really know if it’s working or not. I myself still have room for improvement, of course. 


8 thoughts on “Nearing month 6. Comparison photos and observations.

  1. That is an absolutely amazing difference.

    I am currently using topical antibiotics, which have a nominal amount of systemic absorption, but I’m concerned it may still be enough to interfere with parasitic success.

    Seriously considering this, now, though.

    Please check in from time to time so we know how long this result persists.

    Also, were there any other changes in your life that may have been responsible for the benefit, or contributed to the success of the helminth treatment? or, has everything else been essentially the same since you began this?



    1. Hi Greg,

      I’ve been on systemic antibiotics twice since beginning with hookworm and I haven’t had any interference that I’ve noticed. My worms are still very much alive and kicking.

      Funny you should ask about life changes. Things have been mostly the same … My life is semi-stressful because my husband and I are blending a family. We are all still in a huge adjustment period and things are far from perfect.


    2. Just a quick note, an independent blogger keeps a document anyone can download of success stories, and at my urging failures, and I know from direct contact with a variety of our clients who had Uticaria, one so bad he described himself as looking like a toad after showers for instance, who have experienced remission and maintained it relatively easily and uneventfully.

      The individual I am thinking of approached me when I still lived in California and is still well, which means he had to have started therapy prior to the end of 2009.

      Urticaria seems one of the many diseases we deal with that responds at very high rates and there is not much of a continuum in terms of level of response. It is all or nothing.

      None of the above is at all scientific, they are simple observations, and I am not a doctor and nothing I say should be construed or used as medical advice. I am simply relating my experiences and what I have been told, which of course would be accurately described as heresay. I also have a commercial interest in helminthic therapy as the owner of Autoimmune Therapies, so you should bear that in mind as well.



      1. I read about this story. I know of this independent blogger well. The toad story was very reassuring to me when I started learning about HT. It definitely helped me make the decision to go for it.


    1. Thank you, Susan.

      In case any of the CU sufferers are reading this: I have not suffered any urticaria related episodes in two months. I would wake up with swollen eyes and swollen lips/mouth and my chest was typically covered in hives.


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