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Day 5. This Week in Parasitism.

I found a really interesting podcast called This Week in Parasitism. Well, it may not be interesting to others but it’s extremely interesting to me. It’s two adorably nerdy professors who talk about parasites. This episode tackles hookworm. The discussion includes the history of hookworm eradication in the industrialized world.
….And it’s all John D. Rockefeller’s fault!

Other than that, no really crazy side effects yet. There are a few things to note though. I’ve had mild joint pain today, my hives are out of control, and I’ve had some weird red bumps on my face for the last few days. I’m not sure if any of these symptoms are worm related because I’ve had things like this in the past. Hives are part of my everyday life. But, many others have reported hive flare ups during the beginning of their therapy.

I’ll keep you posted.

Also, notice at the top of my page I’ve added clickable research! in case you’d like to learn more (like from actual experts) about helminthic therapy.