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Day 49. Mega (b)itch.

I know, I’ve been MIA with regards to blogging.

No significant changes to report, pals. I’m the same with regards to the huge skin flares. I’m itchy all of the time. Itchy and red and raw. I’m also having some gut aches that may be worm related or may be related to killing all of the good bacteria in my gut when taking antibiotics.

The real truth is, I’ve been in a huge funk. It’s hard for me to openly admit that for all to see but… so be it. I censor myself enough in real life and on Facebook. The purpose of this blog is to let it all out and that’s what I’m going to do. (Well, sort of.)

When I say huge funk, I mean the big D word. It’s really rough having unrelenting issues like this. It’s rough on my family, too. I don’t want to sound miserable. No one really wants to listen to whining or be around someone who is so down. But, I’ve been miserable. I’m in a constant state of being uncomfortable. Being constantly itchy with really large burning plaques on my skin is wearing on me. It’s isolating. It’s hard to get up and face the day when the only time you don’t feel miserable is when you’re heavily medicated with sedating antihistamines and passed out.

To further validate the above, here is an article from ABC News with the catchy headline of ‘Chronic Itching as Debilitating as Chronic Pain’. It may put things into better perspective for anyone who thinks I’m a nut job.

That said, I do try to put on a happy face and just buck up and deal with it. I try my best. I’ve even been working out a bit. It does help my mood but not my skin. Winter in Cleveland isn’t so great for keeping cheery either.

I promise to have a more interesting, less whiney, and fun filled post coming up soon. I’m working on compiling a few helminthic therapy success stories that I think are quite uplifting!